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New in paperback, this manual is aimed at both potters and pottery enthusiasts, explaining not only how clay pots are made, but why they are made and the factors that influence the way they look Throwing is more than a technique: in order for thrown pots to have meaning, it is vital that the integral role played by materials, process, context, and precedent is considered. This book places the practical nature of throwing pots into a wider perspective, beginning with a look at some historical examples that provide an inspiring background to the study. It then analyzes throwing as a form of expression, exploring ideas and the way artists develop them. The core of the book examines the processes, including clay preparation, beginning throwing, and developing skills. Step-by-step color photos follow the throwing of various pot types and capture delicate methods, such as the pulling of a handle. Lavish photos of finished work and interviews with leading potters then demonstrate the diverse ways in which throwing is used and the opportunities it presents. Learning the potter's language of expression is a lifetime’s work: this book provides a place to begin