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€ 3.800,00


Product Code: G120E
The GLADSTONE Jigger and Jolley machine is the ideal machine for the professional potter who wishes to bridge the gap between hand thrown ware and mass produced ware. The G120 Electronic is fitted with a sophisticated drive system allowing the unit to have infinitely variable speeds between 0-400 rpm this unit being particularly useful for flatware production. The cast alloy jolley arm is of a very substantial construction and is extremely versatile as it raises and lowers to allow for different heights of moulds. The machine is operated by pushing the leg operated pad which will start the jigger machine and stop when the pad is released, leaving both hands free.
Please Note: These machines are our standard units, Jigger and Jolley's can be tailor made to suit customers individual requirements, please enquire.
Gladstone supplies a full range of tooling including mould making services.